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PFF's Best Players of 2014

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 03:54 AM
The Best NFL Player At Every Position   Using Pro Football Focus' list, here's the best player at every position from last season....
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Article: Training Camp (and OTA) Position Battles to Watch

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 03:54 AM
With Organized Team Activities (OTAs) set to start in a week, the Minnesota Vikings will truly begin their positional battles before trai...
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Would you care if Adrian Peterson retired?

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 03:54 AM
I posted this article over at KFAN.com today and naturally it's drumming up a bit of conversation so I thought I'd bring it over here as...
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Notable NFL News (Cuts, signings, injuries, etc.)

NFL Football Talk Today, 03:54 AM
This thread will be used for a lot of general NFL news.   Obviously big stories will get their own threads, but a lot of the NFL tid...
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Bold NFL Helmet Concept Designs

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 03:54 AM
Just for fun: These NFL Helmet Concept Designs Are Definitely BoldThe rest of the NFL teams at the link above.
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Vikings Free Agency News

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 03:54 AM
Just a general thread for Vikings cuts, signings, etc. 
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Latest News


How Much Can a Better Guard Help Matt Kalil (Part Three)?

We’ve spent significant time going over Matt Kalil’s performance to see if the Vikings are right in assuming that an upgrade to left guard will result in concurrent upgrades in Kalil’s play. In Part One, we looked at other tackles around the NFL and in Part Two, we looked at Kalil a little more in depth. In this part, we’ll look at examples from film to see if there’s something we’ve missed.


Evaluating the Peterson Scenarios

The fact that Adrian Peterson isn’t on hand for the start of Vikings OTAs should surprise exactly nobody. I’m 99 percent certain he won’t be in attendance for the mandatory minicamp in June either. What are the percentages of each possible scenario (including retirement) following Peterson’s expected May and anticipated June no-shows?


AP Expected to Be a No Show for OTAs

We shouldn’t do this. We should not crank up the Adrian Peterson will he—won’t he machine again. But it’s Adrian Peterson. So we will. We will wring our hands as we wonder if he will show up for voluntary offseason team activities that start on Tuesday.


Vikings Post-Draft Depth Chart - DEFENSIVE LINE

With Viking OTAs scheduled to kick off this week, we’ll continue to take our last few looks at the team’s post-draft depth chart. We’ve already cycled through wide receivers, linebackers, cornerbacks and most recently the offensive line. Today, we take a look at the breakdown on the defensive line.


In the Race to Become Brett--Teddy's Ahead

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater wants to be like Brett—Brett Favre that is. NFL.com recently dug up a quote in which Bridgewater said if there were one quarterback that he would emulate, it would be the former Packers, Jets and Vikings signal caller. If he wasn’t talking about the interceptions, then I am all in.


How Much Can a Better Guard Help Matt Kalil (Part Two)?

Last time, we looked at all NFL tackles to see if their play and the play of the left guard next to them were in any way related. In Part Two, we look at numerical data to see if Kalil is an exception of any kind—if for whatever reason, his play is codependent on the players around him, we’ll take a look at some available evidence to see if that’s the case.


How Much Can a Better Guard Help Matt Kalil (Part One)?

It’s been a common refrain throughout this offseason (and frankly, during the 2014 season) that left tackle Matt Kalil’s play would be improved if he worked alongside a better guard than Charlie Johnson. Is that the case?


NFL Changes the PAT--Affecting Game Strategy and Interest

The days of heading into the kitchen for another beverage (or somewhere else in the house) during routine extra points in NFL games are over. The league voted to make points after touchdowns just a little more interesting for the coming season, so now we have to stay in front of the television and watch them.


Vikings Post-Draft Depth Chart - OFFENSIVE LINE

The clock it keeps a turning and we here at Vikings Journal continue trudging through the muck that is the offseason. OTAs kick off next week so we’re almost there. That said, let’s continue working our way through the Vikings post-draft depth charts. We’ve already covered the wide receivers, linebackers and cornerbacks, today we move on to sift through the offensive line.


Vikings Youth Provides Hope

There are a growing number of reasons for optimism if you are a Minnesota Vikings fan. Among those reasons: they figure to once again be among the youngest teams in the NFL this season. A quick check of the projected starting lineup reveals that many of the prominent players on the team are 25 or younger.


Top 10 Things You Won’t Find at Bud Grant’s Garage Sale

In honor of David Letterman’s final show as well as the opening day of Bud Grant’s garage sale, I give you (what else?) a Top-10 list. Straight from the home office, here are the top 10 things you will not find at Bud Grant’s garage sale this week.


Training Camp (and OTA) Position Battles to Watch

With Organized Team Activities (OTAs) set to start in a week, the Minnesota Vikings will truly begin their positional battles before training camp even begins, and the progression of those battles will inform our opinions before camp starts. Still, it’s good to get a sense of who may be competing for which spots and how it will ultimately affect the roster construction.