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Happy Thanksgiving!

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 12:04 AM
Pass the Gravy. Pass the Stuffing. Pass the Ball to Randy Moss.     The Vikings have a winning tradition on Thanksgiving Day,...
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2015 NFL Season

NFL Football Talk Yesterday, 11:22 PM
Football is baaaaaaaaack!!!
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Notable NFL News (Cuts, signings, injuries, etc.)

NFL Football Talk Yesterday, 11:22 PM
This thread will be used for a lot of general NFL news.   Obviously big stories will get their own threads, but a lot of the NFL tid...
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Vikings Offensive Struggles

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 10:49 PM
I figured I'd start a general thread that we can all discuss the Vikings' offensive struggles and topics like: Bridgewater and his lack o...
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Vikings Offensive Line

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 09:37 AM
Norv Turner: 'Challenges ahead' for Vikings' retooled offensive line by Andrew Krammer   Norv Turner doesn't see one player on...
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Teddy's Team

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 10:57 PM
Vikings' Teddy Bridgewater 'committed to building something special' By Brian Murphy   "I wasn't impressed," he told the Pione...
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Latest News


That’s the Ticket: Vikings vs. Falcons Preview

As tough as it is to move on after the Vikings' loss to the Packers (although the Bears made it a little easier Thursday night), it is time to for the Atlanta Falcons, who the Vikings play on Sunday. Head coach Mike Zimmer told his players to feel the sting of the loss, but then by Wednesday, get back to work on the Falcons.


Bears Beat Pack; Vikings Back On Top

Late on Thursday night, the Chicago Bears finished a 17-13 win over the Green Bay Packers. The Packers fell to 7-4, so for the time being, the 7-3 Minnesota Vikings are back on top of the NFC's North Division. The Vikings travel to Atlanta this weekend to take on the Falcons hoping to end Week 12 with the division lead.


Vikings Fans Have Much To Be Thankful For, Starting At The Top

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours! To celebrate the holiday season, today we reflect a little bit and highlight reasons to be thankful for surrounding our football team, but specifically head coach Mike Zimmer.


Fantasy Football Pants Party Podcast: Week 12

Change into your most comfortable pair of slacks – the ones that are loose in the waist and allow for extra helpings of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Once those pants are on, kick back and listen to the Week 12 edition of the Fantasy Football Pants Party podcast with Bo Mitchell of Vikings Journal and Anthony Maggio of Zoneblitz.com.


Fantasy Football Week 12 Rankings

On Thanksgiving you’ll be busy spending time with family, stuffing your face with food and maybe even nursing a hangover, so I’ve decided to do you a favor and share my weekly cornucopia of fantasy football rankings one day earlier than usual. It’s just another reason to be thankful.


Back That Thang Up!

Pardon the title, but it seemed appropriate with so many backup quarterbacks getting the nod in Week 11. If you were not already aware, a whopping five second-stringers were called upon to start: Case Keenum, Mark Sanchez, Matt Hasselbeck, T.J. Yates, and Brock Osweiler. It was another strange week in an overall odd year, but that keeps these recaps interesting.


Step Back from the Ledge--Vikes' Season is Not Over

It’s hard to find nuance in the win-or-lose, black-and-white world of being an NFL fan—especially when the Green and Gold just obliterated your Purple. Some Vikings fans are in need of being talked off the ledge in the wake of Sunday’s loss, so that’s what I am here to do. All is not lost, so pull those Helga Horns out of the dumpster and get back in the game.


It's Time To Come Down Hard & Wake This Team Up

This probably goes without saying, but I don’t think practice is going to be very fun for the Minnesota Vikings this week. There probably won’t be any “Beat Atlanta” t-shirts passed out, or music blaring during practice. If I had to guess, it’s probably going to be quite the opposite.


Rodgers Wilco--Packers Beats the Vikes and Grab First Place

We Minnesota fans can never have anything nice. The Minnesota Vikings did exactly what many of us feared they would. Coming into their home game against the Green Bay Packers for the lead of the division, the Vikes were the team to beat. But they played unlike they had for several weeks and lost 30-13 to a (formerly) struggling Packers team.


Packers vs. Vikings Game Thread

It’s Packers-Vikings game day! The border battle resumes on Sunday at TCF Bank Stadium with first place in the NFC North on the line. Our Vikings Journal staff and community members will be discussing the game right here in the comments section so register and share your thoughts on the Purple before, during and after the game.


That’s the Ticket: Packers vs. Vikings Preview

It’s Green Bay Packers week in Minnesota, and if you listen to the players and the coaches, it’s no big deal. One day, one game, one week at a time is what the players hear from their instructors. But we all know that behind the calculated sound bites for the press, this rivalry game is big as any in a while—perhaps it’s even Donald Trump “huge.”


Fantasy Football Pants Party Podcast: Week 11

The Week 11 edition of the Fantasy Football Pants Party podcast is a must-listen for those of you who enjoy the sage fantasy football advice of two industry veterans who think they’re pretty darn funny. Said fantasy mavens are none other than Bo Mitchell of Vikings Journal and Anthony Maggio of Zoneblitz.com. Both enjoy a good scotch and a nice pair of slacks.