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Mock Drafts, Player Profiles, Big Boards, etc. (2016)

College Football And Draft Today, 04:18 AM
Is it that time already?! I guess so, since our season has ended. *sigh*   Mock Madness 1.0: Kiper's First Mock Has Vikings Going WR...
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Teddy's Team

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 09:37 PM
Vikings' Teddy Bridgewater 'committed to building something special' By Brian Murphy   "I wasn't impressed," he told the Pione...
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Pro Bowl

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 09:37 PM
Vikings Pro Bowl Players:     NFL.com: Pro Bowl Snubs by Gregg Rosenthal   3. Linval Joseph, defensive tackle, Vikings J...
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Vikings Free Agency News

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 04:18 AM
Just a general thread for Vikings cuts, signings, etc. 
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Article: That's A Wrap!

NFL Football Talk Today, 04:18 AM
Spoiler alert: this article will contain information about who won Super Bowl 50! If you DVRed it for later, you may want to quit reading...
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The Offseason Support Group Thread

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 04:18 AM
Whelp season is over.. thank you mr laces in Locke   hopes dreams aspirations with changes?   First things first - show specia...
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Latest News


Daily Forum Round-Up: Hooray, It's the Draft Edition

With both the season and Cam Newton's potential for future endorsements both ending Sunday night, we've officially reached the dreaded pre-draft lull. Sure, players probably like it. But, if I cared about what the players thought I'd have stopped throwing batteries at them years ago.


That's A Wrap!

Spoiler alert: this article will contain information about who won Super Bowl 50! If you DVRed it for later, you may want to quit reading now. With that being said, this game can be summarized in two words: Denver's defense. Of course, I will go more in depth than that, but that was really the key cog in this matchup.


Take Heart Vikings Fans—Defense Wins Championships

Defense wins championships. We have heard and read this aphorism on post-Super Bowl shows and social media more than we saw the term deflate-gate last season. The Denver Broncos defense wiped the smile off Cam Newton’s face with a fast and smothering defense. And that should give Vikings fans hope for the future, as the team they are building starts with a very good defense.


Daily Forum Round-Up: The Super Bowl Edition

There is nothing more quintessentially American than the Super Bowl. Which means that the Vikings are the equivalent of 1960's Cuba, because we haven't been in the Super Bowl since the late 60's/early 70's. Outside of the weather, the Super Bowl has to be the biggest forced conversation starter in America.


Favre's HOF Credentials include One Great Year in Purple

In November, Packers fans, after booing him, burning his jersey and hanging him in effigy, welcomed Brett Favre back to Lambeau Field. Vikings fans mostly watched quietly and understood. Now Favre, along with former Gopher QB and Vikings defensive coach Tony Dungy, have been elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it’s time for Vikings fans to celebrate.


Time To Put To Bed Tired Notion That Coaches Don't Matter

Whenever, as is relative commonplace in Minnesota, a local head coach faces termination, those supporting the termination immediately face a common refrain from the local cheerleaders. That refrain, in one form or another, offers the following wisdom--"It's not the coach, it's the players."

That statement is generally followed by support, disguised as a lament, for an established source formerly dressed as a coach. That lament comes in the form of the refrain that "it's easier to fire the coach than all of the players."

After the Vikings' 11-5 finish to the 2015 season, it clearly is past time to put to bed these tired refrains and admit that good coaches make a difference.


Favre, Dungy Highlight 2016 Hall of Fame Class

On Super Bowl Eve, the NFL announced its 2016 Hall of Fame class. Among eight players who will be enshrined are former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre and former Vikings coach and Gophers quarterback Tony Dungy.

Other players going into Canton will be quarterback Ken Stabler, wide receiver Marvin Harrison, defensive lineman Kevin Greene, and offensive tackle Orlando Pace. Ed DeBartolo Jr., and Dick Stanfel will also be inducted.


Super (Bowl) Predictions - MinnCentric Style

Over at Twins Daily, several current, former and future Minnesota Twins players have made their Super Bowl predictions. Today, we are posting the Super Bowl predictions of several writers from the MinnCentric Community. Check out how your favorite Twins Daily, Wild Xtra, Northern Pitch and Vikings Journal’s writers think Sunday night’s game will go. And in the comments below, post your predictions for what will happen..


Breakdown: 2012 Kluwe vs 2015 Locke (Nuke it until it glows! Edition)

With Jeff Locke struggling ever since he got here, and more and more people (including myself), growing impatient with his "performance" or lack thereof, and the Vikings continued refusal to bring in some competition—like they seem to do with every other position on the team ... I mean they brought in competition at long snapper for crying out loud—I decided to take a closer look at the numbers. What better way than by comparing him to the guy he succeeded allegedly due to poor job performance?


Are The Vikings Close To Winning A Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here! Whether you’re still bitter over Blair Walsh’s missed field goal or already speculating what could be done via free agency or the 2016 NFL Draft, the game will still be played and either Carolina or Denver will be crowned champs. So as we collectively sit down in our Barca Loungers and stuff our faces with Super Bowl snacks as a fan base, let’s take some time to speculate. Instead of being jealous of Cam and Peyton, let’s start an open conversation. Realistically, how far are the Vikings away from becoming a Super Bowl team?


Will It Be Mile High Or Carolina Blue?

Peyton Manning is possibly playing his final NFL game while Cam Newton is hoping to bring home the Panthers' first championship. Will the future Hall of Famer earn the second ring of his career and retire on a high note, or will a brash young superstar steal the glory?


We Already Had Our Second Safety!

People say that I'm overly negative. I guess that comes with the territory when your website is named purplePTSD. I do want to preface this by saying that a lot of my "negativity" or "misanthropy" is either used as a writing tool or just in the context of analyzing the team's weaknesses in 2016 as we approach Free Agency and the Draft. I mean, if I hated the team, I wouldn't spend most of my free time writing about them. So, I don't mean to be negative, for the sake of being negative (said the guy who is about to be negative...?).