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Article: Replacing Charlie: The Preferred Path To Filling...

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 01:00 PM
After placing most of their offseason attention on Adrian Peterson and the little situation he’s got going on with the league, the Minnes...
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Vikings Free Agency News

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 11:11 AM
Just a general thread for Vikings cuts, signings, etc. 
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Notable NFL News (Cuts, signings, injuries, etc.)

NFL Football Talk Today, 11:11 AM
This thread will be used for a lot of general NFL news.   Obviously big stories will get their own threads, but a lot of the NFL tid...
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Bold NFL Helmet Concept Designs

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 10:07 AM
Just for fun: These NFL Helmet Concept Designs Are Definitely BoldThe rest of the NFL teams at the link above.
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Expanding Instant Replay?

NFL Football Talk Today, 11:11 AM
Lions propose expanding instant replay to cover penalties By Larry Hartstein   Still stinging from their playoff loss at Dalla...
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Peterson Releases a Statement

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 06:27 AM
On the heels of Judge Doty overturning the arbitrator's ruling on the suspension of Adrian Peterson, the Vikings running back released a...
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Replacing Charlie: The Preferred Path To Filling The Gap At LG

After placing most of their offseason attention on Adrian Peterson and the little situation he’s got going on with the league, the Minnesota Vikings made their first offseason splash on Friday releasing veteran guard Charlie Johnson.


Vikings Top 5 Draft Picks—Third Round

The second installment in our series on Vikings draft picks takes a look at the Top 5 third round picks in team history. There are some memorable names in our list, and here’s hoping the Vikings hit some picks like these players in the 2015 NFL Draft.


Checking Boxes: Who Fits the Minnesota Vikings Profile Among Combine Players (Linebacker)?

We continue taking a look at who the Vikings and Mike Zimmer have liked at various positions, what they have in common when it comes to NFL Scouting Combine scores, and who that may mean they focus on in the future.


Peterson’s Suspension Overturned

Adrian Peterson is no longer suspended. On Thursday, U.S. District Judge David Doty ruled in favor of the NFL Players Association in their suit on behalf of Peterson against the NFL. The ruling vacates the previous ruling by arbiter Harold Henderson and clears the way for Peterson to become a member of the Vikings’ active roster again.


Checking Boxes: Who Fits the Minnesota Vikings Profile Among Combine Players (Defensive Line)?

The NFL combine is over and after crunching the numbers, we can take a look at the players at each position the Vikings may target given the tendencies they’ve shown in the Spielman/Zimmer era. Though we only have one year of data, we do have 71 player transactions to work from, we can still attempt to use it to see which draft prospects the Vikings may further drill down on—starting with the defensive line.


We Are All Pawns...

The past seven days have been bonkers! That is, if you’re a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and have been following the Adrian Peterson saga that has unfolded. But take a step back with me, a step away from the action, and assess this situation. Look at it from a different perspective and realize that as everything unfolds in real time through social media, you, me, the media, we’re all pawns stuck in the giant chess game that Peterson and the Vikings initiated months ago.


Vikings Should Keep Cassel

Vikings Journal has learned that the quarterback position is fairly important in today’s NFL. The Vikings are apparently well-situated with Teddy Bridgewater as the starter, but they would also be wise to retain his backup, Matt Cassel, who has one year remaining on his contract.


Vikings Top 5 Draft Picks—Later Rounds (4-20)

The NFL Draft is on the way. The NFL Combine is over and free agency is around the corner, but plenty of fans are thinking about the Draft, which takes place at the end of April. Despite the run-up of anticipation, the draft can be a crapshoot of hits and misses, so now may be a good time to look at some of the hits in Vikings Draft history.


Report: Peterson Never Playing for Vikings Again

Jason La Canfora of CBSsports.com reported Monday that Adrian Peterson’s agent had to be separated from a Vikings official last week at the NFL Scouting Combine when things got heated between the two. Things seem to be deteriorating quickly between the two camps, signaling the end of Peterson’s run in Minnesota could be very near.


Part Two: The 5 Most Overrated Vikings Players

After Adrian Peterson knocked us off track over the weekend, today we jump back on course and finish off our two part series. Last week, we dove in and discussed some of The Most Underrated Playerson roster with the Minnesota Vikings. Today, we round it out with The Most Overrated Minnesota Vikings Players.


Report: Peterson Requests a Trade to Dallas—Good Luck With That

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reportedly wants to be traded to the Dallas Cowboys. But the Vikings don’t want to trade him—especially to Dallas (thank you for that, Vikings organization). If this report is accurate, the AP saga continues, and continues to confound and amaze. Where will it all end?


The 5 Most Likely Landing Spots For Adrian Peterson

It was just over a week ago that I sat here and wrote an article for Vikings Journal that laid out the chances that Adrian Peterson would be back with the Vikings at better than 50/50. We spent a week going over different aspects of bringing him backand tried our best to determine if it was worth bringing him back. Well, things have changed.