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NFL Honors

NFL Football Talk Today, 02:51 PM
As they come in from ESPN, I'll post here.
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The Dirtiest Team In The League Does It Again: Patriots A...

NFL Football Talk Today, 01:47 PM
http://www.nydailyne...ticle-1.2083559       FOXBOROUGH — Another playoff win for the Patriots, another allegation of wro...
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Article: Tingelhoff Gets Call to the Hall

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 11:15 AM
It was a long wait for Mick Tingelhoff -- 36 years to be exact -- but former Vikings center was finally voted into the Pro Football Hall...
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Teddy's Rookie Season

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 01:47 PM
Here is an article on Vikings.com. Over the course of his rookie season, Teddy either broke or tied 91 NINETY ONE team records. ...
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Notable NFL News (Cuts, signings, injuries, etc.)

NFL Football Talk Today, 02:51 PM
This thread will be used for a lot of general NFL news.   Obviously big stories will get their own threads, but a lot of the NFL tid...
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Marshawn Lynch

NFL Football Talk Today, 02:51 PM
Just curious to get your guys' thoughts on Marshawn Lynch.   Should he stop with his antics? Should the NFL just leave the guy alone...
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Tingelhoff Gets Call to the Hall

It was a long wait for Mick Tingelhoff -- 36 years to be exact -- but former Vikings center was finally voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. He will take his place among the all-time greats in Canton, Ohio this August.


5 Reasons Why Vikings Fans Should Be Paying Attention Super Bowl Weekend

There’s a certain level of pain that comes with watching the Super Bowl when your team is not represented on the field. Still, for most NFL fans, that’s the way it goes. But whether it be the commercials, the halftime show or the parties most end up making their way back begrudgingly throwing on their favorite jersey in preparation for caloric overload. This is the way it will be again for Vikings fans this season, the same as it has been for the past 46 years.


Bridgewater Voted Pepsi Rookie of the Year

Congratulations are in order for Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who was officially named the 2014 Pepsi Rookie of the Year on Friday night. News of the honor was leaked earlier in the day. The Pepsi ROY award -- one of three major NFL Rookie of the Year honors -- was based entirely on fan voting at NFL.com.


Ranking the Top Vikings Free Agent Targets: 10-6

Finally, we hit the top ten. Or half of it anyway. Despite the Vikings improving massively on defense, the offensive free agency market is bare enough so that all five players ranked ten to six are defensive players.


Should We Be Wary of Promised Super Bowl Riches?

If there’s anything that we can be grateful for regarding Deflategate it’s that it buried news of the annual debate over the inflated figures a Super Bowl brings to the host city. Still, this year’s host, Glenadale, Ariz., is not so happy about those numbers, and may be saying to future host cites (such as the Twin Cities in 2018), “Super Bowl buyer beware.”


Shifting Priorities: Vikings Confirm Offseason Plans Are Up In The Air

As we discussed earlier this week, everything for the Vikings offseason hinges on the status of running back Adrian Peterson. If he’s back with the team in 2015, the Vikings approach Free Agency and the draft a certain direction. If he’s gone, you go a whole different path. But none of that will be determined until Peterson’s February 6th court date comes and goes.


Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

It’s time to officially go on record and pick the winner of the Super Bowl. I feel a little (ahem) deflated after getting my AFC Championship pick wrong, but I’m still moving forward with my Super Bowl prediction. Actually, I’m just doing it so I won’t get fined.


Ranking the Top Vikings Free Agent Targets: 15-11

The top ten nears and we explore one of the most tantalizing names in free agency—not just for Vikings fans, but nearly every team in the NFL. After that, talking linemen and a running back round out the Vikings' needs in this tier.


Super Bowl XLIX: What are the Odds?

You probably know that the fuel that fires the NFL engine to be the number one sport in the land is located at the sports books of Las Vegas, Nev. Sports betting is huge in the U.S. and even bigger in football. And as we approach the Super Bowl, the biggest betting week of the year, the wagering opportunities are limitless.


Jim Marshall’s Hall of Fame Case

Vikings fans have long been frustrated at the perceived injustices when in comes to Hall of Fame voting. One of those wrongs will presumably be righted on Saturday as Mick Tingelhoff hopefully gets his due, leaving one glaring omission from the Purple People Eaters.


The Vikings $13 Million Question...

For some, the offseason is the most wonderful time of the year. With speculation running rampant, fans of teams who are not performing in this weekend’s Super Bowl are already scanning the free agency list and looking deep into the Draft Class to compile their wish list for off season acquisitions. This fun is precisely why the NFL is the juggernaut that it has become.


The NFL Played its Annual Pro Bowl—Why?

It’s the most unanticipated weekend in the NFL season: the Pro Bowl. The weekend of the best non-Super Bowl competitors and non-injured (and non-disinterested) NFL players meeting on the field of battle against each other. And despite many efforts to improve it, the contest might be better off played on a video game.