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Former Viking And Love Boat Coordinator Fred Smoot Arrested

NFL Football Talk Today, 01:42 PM
According to the Washington Post, former Minnesota Viking cornerback Fred Smoot was arrested in Loudoun County, Virginia on domestic assa...
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Article: Where Do We Point The Finger?

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 11:51 AM
Sunday afternoon at TCF Bank Stadium the Minnesota Vikings fell to a record of 4-7 on the season. The final score, 24-21 in favor of the...
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MUST SEE: Vikings' Matt Kalil Knocks Hat Off Fans...

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 10:35 AM
Rumors swirled following the Minnesota-Green Bay game on Sunday that after Vikings tackle Matt Kalil left TCF Stadium without addressing...
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REPORT: Phil Loadholt Done For Season With Torn Pec

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 10:35 AM
The hits keep coming, and at the Vikings weakest spot, offensive line. According to Ian Rapoport, Phil Loadholt is done for the year with...
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Aaron Rodgers downs a "Grape Crush" at postgame p...

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 03:35 PM
So, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers was seen downing a "Grape Crush" pretty dramatically in his post game press conference moments af...
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Vikings legal team working with NFL to keep AP on sidelines

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 02:56 PM
PFT is reportingthat the Vikings general counsel has been working against AP to keep him suspended.
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From MinnCentric

Adrian Peterson Said What?

In the last few years, ever since AP recovered unbelievably from a horrific knee injury, there has been more talk about what uniform he will wear next rather than the championship ring or the many records we all want him to achieve as a Minnesota Viking.

When this guy speaks, people listen. And that was the case today when he supposedly told Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that he wanted to play for the Cowboys. Or was he just joking and didn't really mean it?
Image courtesy of Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
I don't think anyone will ever really know the true context of his statement - as die-hard fans we all want to believe it was blown way out of proportion and that AP's heart will always reside in the land of 10,000 lakes.

But one certainly has to wonder if that is truly the case.

And, we also have to wonder if that is truly in the best interest of the Vikings long-term. Okay, here we go again. It's been bantered to no end in social media circles - whether we stay with AP into his pre-retirement years or we deal him now to retire his huge impending salary and try and build for the future.

It's sort of a Catch 22 situation that the Vikings will find themselves in a year from now - debating internally that same question. Every franchise has to talk about getting better in the future. It's often difficult to be able to re-build and re-load at the same time. Maybe the Patriots are one of the only franchises in the last many years that can boast doing that. And maybe the Seahawks want to be the next one to do the same.

I, myself, would love to see a high-octane passing game - especially since the rules and how games are being officiated really favor that type of strategy right now in the league. I'm guessing we will see an enormous amount of passing attempts this year. Which leads Vikings fans to talk about the value of a legendary running back.

Yes, AP is a legend. He will go down as one of the best to play his position. In earlier eras, he would be even more highly regarded, if that's possible. And yet, we keep talking about whether the Vikes should stay with him or let him go.

It's a question that won't go away - unless of course he turns up a 2,000 yard and 15 or more touchdown season this year and the Vikes make the playoffs. So, in spite of his comments today and what fans like to argue about going forward, it still comes down to production and value. This year is an important one for the Vikes - new coach, new stadium on the build, two rookies with great potential, etc. But it may be even a more important one for AP and what he brings to the team. At some point, Spielman will have another big decision on his plate - sooner than later.

Stay tuned . . .

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John Bonnes
Aug 30 2014 09:21 AM

I think this is a very reasonable view of an issue in which people can become pretty unreasonable. Thanks for contributing it to the community. I look forward to reading more posts from you. 

Aug 31 2014 06:35 AM
Thanks John! Some of the chatter out there surrounding AP can get pretty crazy - I hope he has a terrific year leading the Vikes to the playoffs. He is no doubt the overwhelming fan favorite.

This Madden 15 roster might be a wee bit premature, then.




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