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Special Teams fire and cut them all.

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Priefer and his disgusting homophobic a$$ should have been fired before the season. Glad to see him being exposed for the frau...
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Purple Pain Members - Start Here!

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Brinkley and Blanton Named Starters

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said Wednesday that Jasper Brinkley will start at middle linebacker and Robert Blanton will start at strong safety.
Image courtesy of Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports
It had been presumed that both would start – they were atop the depth chart on Tuesday at their respective positions – but Zimmer’s announcement during his meeting with the media made it official.

"Jasper's a little bit more of a thumper in the running game, this week [the Rams] have got a good running game," Zimmer explained.

Brinkley, 29, started 15 games for the Vikings in 2012 and three for the Cardinals in 2013.

"He probably made less mistakes than anybody," Zimmer said analyzing Blanton's preseason. "He's got some cover skills...Robert's a good kid, a smart kid, we'll see how he does."

Blanton, 24, started three games for the Vikings in 2013. He has no interceptions in 29 career games. Arif Hasan broke down the Vikings problem at safety with an extensive look at the position yesterday for Vikings Journal.

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mike wants wins
Sep 03 2014 12:54 PM

Not a big surprise. I think going young with Blanton or Exum is the way to go, this team isn't winning it all this year......

"He probably stinks the least".... Woohoo!
Brock Beauchamp
Sep 03 2014 06:42 PM

"He probably stinks the least".... Woohoo!

Nothing screams confidence like a rousing "you're our least terrible option".

    • Cm1 likes this

I want to see Blanton play likes he wants to start, and I am hoping to see Brinkley surprise us with better play. Last time he was here he was injured a lot and never really played like we hoped he would. Doesn't say much that these decisions went right down to the wire. But, as Sid likes to say, "we'll see."

Sep 04 2014 01:36 PM

I was really hoping one of the higher upside low-to-mid round LB's picked from the past couple year's drafts would have stepped up and taken the job from Brinkley.  Still, they all made the team so all they likely have to do is start showing something in practice.

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