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Article: Kaepernick Insurance Needed For Teddy

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Article: Chargers vs. Vikings Game Thread

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2016 Minnesota Vikings bold predictions

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Here are mine: 13-3, good enough for a first round bye and home field advantage. -Vikings beat the Chiefs in the super bowl. -teddy beco...
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Adrian Peterson

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I, for one, am annoyed about the idea of yet another Adrian Peterson thread, but..          
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Concerned With The Run Defense?

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Official Vikings-Cardinals Game Thread

Tonight the Vikings will play the Cardinals at 7:30 Central. We’ll have several writers from Vikings Journal discuss the game right here in the comments below, and your comment could win a free Papa John’s pizza. So register and ask our team your questions or give them and the rest of the Vikings Journal community your comments. In the meantime, check these out….
Image courtesy of Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

After the game we’ll pick some random comments and if they’re not terrible (and they don’t work for us), we’ll send that person a code for a free Papa John’s pizza (MN franchises only). The more solid comments you give, the more chance you have to win.

Skol Vikings!

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I'll get this thing started right here...


What are you most excited to see in tonight's game? For me it's going to be watching Cordarrelle Patterson at length. Last week we saw him make a spectacular one handed catch with the DB draped all over him! I want to see what he can do over the span of a few drives. Norv is going to lean on him a lot this year.

On offense I would like to see where Kyle Rudolph begins to fit in in the Norv Turner offense. We saw the one catch last week in a short stint, but he is primed for a big season. And I want to be mad that I didn't get him in my first fantasy draft.


I also want to see how Jerick McKinnon follows up his last performance. He started strong and then slowed down later in the game last week. Want to see more of his speed in the open field.

It'll be interesting to me to see how the RB playing time is allocated. I wonder if Asiata and McKinnon will each get similar playing time and play calling. 


Also how the DBs respond against Fitzgerald, Floyd, etc. 

Bo Mitchell
Aug 16 2014 01:50 PM

Other than "Bridgewater Watch" it's all about the back seven on the Vikings' defense for me.


I'm confident in the rotation the Vikings have put together up front on the defensive line, but there are a lot of decisions remaining at linebacker, cornerback and safety.

Bo Mitchell
Aug 16 2014 01:57 PM

I also completely agree with the Vikings' decision to rest Adrian Peterson again tonight. I'd maybe give him one or two touches in preseason game three next week but that's about it.

Aug 16 2014 02:57 PM
I'd like to see something from the offense that gets us all excited. Not too crazy... but confidence building. Same with the defense. This isn't Oakland. Let's see some shutdown work. Sacks. Turnovers. Run stopping. Arizona may be very vanilla tonight. Let's crush that for some buzz building for the regular season.
John Bonnes
Aug 16 2014 04:11 PM

For me, it's Matt Cassel. I want to see him throw the ball downfield. 

First play... play action, deep ball to... Jarius Wright!!!


Maybe a flee flicker!! That's always fun!

Josh Robinson on the will not dress list again tonight. Zimmer's quote "you can't make the club in the tub" ringing loud and clear in that young man's ear tonight.

From Arif Hasan (via Twitter): Chris Crocker will start in place of Robert Blanton. Fred Evans starting for Linval Joseph.


Obviously Matt Asiata in place of Adrian Peterson, as well. 

It's about an hour until kickoff, and Blair Walsh is on the field practicing kickoffs. That information is about as riveting to read as it is to watch.

Josh Robinson, Robert Blanton, Chase Ford and Linval Joseph all not dressing.

Chris Crocker gets the start for Blanton at strong safety. He will be worth watching to see how performs next to Harrison Smith. He wasn't in camp long.

Cretin-Durham Hall alum Michael Floyd will not dress for the Cardinals. Neither will former Vikings LB Desmond Bishop. They are part of a group of 11 that is not dressing for Arizona.

Maybe not a fair question but put your guesses in here for which player(s) will stand out in this second game:


I'll say: 

Offense: Jerrick McKinnon

Defense: Audie Cole

It's tough to type this with my Helga horns flopping around in front of my face, but I have a feeling Teddy shows up big tonight...

Just a feeling.

I like Audie Cole. Preseason is his time!

Have they talked yet about whether McKinnon or Patterson will return kickoffs this year? Anything official?

Jeff's keys to the game for tonight is how many f-bombs we see Mike Zimmer mouth, less means we're doing ok tonight.

Have they talked yet about whether McKinnon or Patterson will return kickoffs this year? Anything official?

I hope it's CP84, I like what he brings back there.

No word yet. Patterson probably lobbying for it just like Harvin did.

Mistral Raymond, who left last week with a concussion was in on that special teams tackle.

Aug 16 2014 06:41 PM

Man that ball to Patterson was so close to being a huge play.  Nice route by the kid.

Not sure CP84 really pushed for that ball but it was close.

wow what horrible tackling