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It's Closing Time - Vikings Journal Is Shutting Down

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 07:00 PM
Hey guys,    The title pretty much says it all, but the MinnCentric team has decided to shut down Vikings Journal. I think they...
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Article: Thank You For Supporting Vikings Journal

Minnesota Vikings Talk 14 Jan 2017
It is with a great deal of sadness that we must announce that Vikings Journal will cease to be an updated web site effective immediately,...
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Purple Pain is still alive

Minnesota Vikings Talk 11 Jan 2017
Back to the old board ... looks good as new.   Purple Pain Board  
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Article: 7 Questions the Minnesota Vikings Need to Answer

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 07:00 PM
The rollercoaster ride that is the Minnesota Vikings 2016 season is almost over. It started with the initial low from the shock of losing...
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Article: Vikings, Greenway and The Journal Bid Adieu in W...

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 01:13 PM
The Minnesota Vikings finished their season with a bang on New Year’s Day at U.S. Bank Stadium, walloping the hapless (and completely che...
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Pick 4 results are in

Minnesota Vikings Talk 03 Jan 2017
Here are the final results and full list of winners from the 2016 Pick 4. Also make sure to head over to Purple Pain where the play off e...
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Thank You For Supporting Vikings Journal

It is with a great deal of sadness that we must announce that Vikings Journal will cease to be an updated web site effective immediately, with the exception of the forums, which will fade away after this year’s Super Bowl. I want to thank all of our writers and forum contributors for the two-plus year run we had and invite you to continue following our writers as they move on to their next endeavors. I also want to explain why we’re shutting down.
It takes an incredible amount of determination and passion to continue to provide in-depth content on a daily basis. The grind is constant and no matter how much talent or passion a person has, sooner or later there needs to be some tangible reward. That goal – reaching a tangible level such that the writers could feel in their hearts like their sacrifices were worth it – is why we started Vikings Journal (and before that, Twins Daily).

But the community didn’t develop as organically as we had hoped. Without the community, the natural benefits it provides – traffic, events, etc. – also didn’t develop. Enthusiasm waned and writers and management burned out. Looking ahead, we saw the community and site limping along without any future, and that isn’t fair to the people who are giving so much. For the record, I do not blame the writers for the community not developing. I blame myself and hope they’ll forgive the leadership that missed the mark.

We’ll keep the lights on in the Purple Pain forums until Funkytown can find a suitable new place for the community to gather, so you can continue to interact with her there. You can find Joe Oberle on twitter and on his personal website, JoeOberle.com as well as on purplePTSD.com. You can find Joe Johnson at his website, PurplePTSD.com and follow him on twitter. Also, both of them are on the Purple Journal Podcast.

Of course you can find AJ Mansour on KFAN.com and follow him on twitter as well as on purplePTSD.com. Finally, you can follow Ashley Anderson on twitter and Matt Fries on twitter.

Please take a moment to thank these writers for their work over the last months and years. Then take a moment and follow them on twitter so you can follow them in the future. I know I will.

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Thank you to John and all the contributors at VJ. I for one, will miss the great articles and fun banter. Good luck to you all. I hope i am able to follow you in the future.

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Jan 02 2017 08:12 PM
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Gordy Stillman
Jan 03 2017 06:28 PM

Fans of Gordy's Game Guesses can find me on Twitter

Big thanks to Funky and the rest of the writers. A slightly lesser thanks to all the posters, it was a very fun and spirited forum! Everyone seemed to get along pretty well which was nice, especially when dealing with a heartbreaking team like the Vikings!

Big thumbs down to John and the rest of Minncentric owners. You provided them no real legitimate support over those two years, not even the most simplest things that cost zero like cross forum promotion. Not to mention even an inkling of any social media promotion or marketing efforts.

See the rest of you guys on the purple pain boards for now! Funky has some great ideas up her sleeves and a group that is committed to creating a great site for Vikings news/discussion and more!


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Damn.  That stinks.  :(

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everyone is of course free to make accounts on Purple pain to keep the discussions flowing.
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Jan 06 2017 12:47 PM
I too want to thank you guys for trying and for the time and effort you put into this site. Skol vikings !
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Joe Johnson
Jan 11 2017 03:40 PM

Thanks everyone for your support! You can find me, Joe O. and AJ (as well as Luke Braun/LBVikings) over at www.purplePTSD.com! We're still going strong (depending on your definition of the word strong..)!

Thanks to John and Brock, also! They taught me SO much, as did Joe Oberle, who is like my reluctant mentor. It's been great and I'm really sad to see the site go, but will try my best to keep the feeling of the site alive and will also be adding a message board in the very near future, should you guys want to come over there and tell me how wrong I am! 


everyone is of course free to make accounts on Purple pain to keep the discussions flowing.

Link to the new home:


Jan 14 2017 07:27 PM

Bummer I just saw this, after recovering from the Vikings season. This hurts double.