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Has Ponder checked out?

Posted by Vikeologist , 23 August 2014 · 930 views

minnesota vikings christian ponder matt cassel teddy bridgewater
We all know the writing is on the wall for Christian Ponder. He is 3rd on the depth chart and didn't get a snap in the 2nd pre-season game against the Cardinals, and probably won't see any action tonight in Kansas City.

While watching the game last Saturday, the cameras showed Cassel and Bridgewater working together, but where was Christian Ponder?


Ponder was no where to be seen in the picture, which tells me he has checked out on a future here with the Vikings. If Ponder was still confident that he would somehow climb the depth chart he would still be engaged with the other 2 players at his position.

Ponder looked terrible against the Raiders, but in all fairness, he was playing with the 3's and 4's. He had no chance to succeed in that position. He also has gotten very few reps in Training Camp and zero with the first team offense.

Ponder also played in a BIll Musgrave offense that potentially could have set back his development. Musgrave's offense was not a quarterback friendly offense, and most of the time Musgrave's offense seemed overwhelmed by opposing defenses. I am not a Ponder apologist but no QB is going to succeed in that situation.

I am not making excuses for Christian Ponder. He had his chances. He had 2 1/2 years to improve his play. His lack of arm strength and inability to go through is progressions have resulted in sub-par results in his short, but less than stellar, time with the Vikings.

Head coach Mike Zimmer said the Vikings will definitely go into the season with 3 quarterbacks, but will the 3rd quarterback be Christian Ponder? I don't think so. I think it would be a very toxic situation to keep Christian Ponder on the team. He was drafted to be the quarterback of the future, and was the Vikings starter the past 2 seasons, but was benched in favor of Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman last year.

The Vikings will try hard to trade him after the final pre-season game and if there aren't any takers, they will probably release him. I have no ill feelings towards Ponder. He seems like a stand-up guy and overall good person, but he just isn't a good starting NFL quarterback.

It's Matt Cassel's team now, and will be Teddy Bridgewater's team in the near future!

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