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Cassel or Bridgewater?

Posted by ForPete'sSake , 22 August 2014 · 151 views

That is definitely the million dollar question that Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer will soon be answering.
Could it be that tomorrow night Zimmer makes his announcement?

I’m actually surprised it’s lingered this long. It does make for a great pre-season story line. Maybe the locker room already knows, but we fans are left to ponder.

Did I say ponder?

I have a hunch it’s been Cassel all along, however, I don’t think Touchdown Teddy is far behind. In a quick snapshot, here’s what I like about each.

Cassel has presence in the pocket. He stands tall and seems larger than his 6-3 or 6-4 frame. I’ve always liked that trait about him. Yes, he may throw that occasional interception, but he is firm with his decisions and he is most times looking to make a play downfield. I think he is slimmer and a bit more athletic this year as well. I’m guessing we will find out soon about his off-season regiment that has him also being a bit fleeter of foot than years past. However, he’s not exactly proven in the way you would like a veteran to be proven. In the end, they might say he gives the Vikings the best chance to win – a reason that is safe in the public.

Bridgewater? I like this guy – like everything about him. I was suspect before the draft about the size of his hands – I still am to an extent. But, he has worn those gloves for some time now and just like a toddler who likes a security blanket – Teddy is all about those gloves for his throwing security. I like his decisiveness – he gets the ball out quickly and doesn’t waste time. I also liked his accuracy in the second pre-season game. He was putting those throws in some tight spots with coverage while evading blitzing linebackers and lineman closing the pocket. In many ways I would like to see him start out of the gate. I think he has the moxie to do it and do it well. I think Zimmer will play this one conservative and go with the veteran – proven or not. In the end, it might be water over the bridge.

And yes, I tried not to mention ponder.

What are your thoughts on who starts the first “real” game?

I think it's definitely Cassel starting and I could see him starting until at least the bye week, barring injury of course. If they are completely out of it by then, they go to Bridgewater to see what he can do. 

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Aug 23 2014 06:47 AM
Good points, Randy. The first several games will be interesting for the Vikes and the QB situation
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