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What will make Vikings tick?

Posted by ForPete'sSake , 26 August 2014 · 229 views

A number of things have to come together for the Vikings to have a successful season, and success means making the playoffs. I don't buy a winning record as a successful achievement - unless it also means playing in the post season. Here is my take on the offensive side of the ball.

A no-brainier, I think success for the Vikes starts and stops with AP. If he has a big year they will have a big year. AP is still the hands-down go-to guy on this team. He needs somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 yards with 12 or more touchdowns on the ground to give the Vikes a shot at a winning record. And his success will also mean the offensive line is stepping up in a big way and wearing teams down into the fourth quarter with a lead, hopefully.

Offensive line
As AP goes, so goes the offensive line, or maybe it's the other way - no matter, they are fully intertwined. Their production will solidify not just the running game but also the passing game. Every time the Vikings have been successful, their o-line has been terrific. The same will hold true this season.

This is the biggest question mark in my opinion. Can Cassel step up and play better than he ever has? Is he capable of a career year? His play and leadership might be as critical as what AP does for us from a production standpoint - if he can get the play action going well - the passing game could finally be revived to where Viking fans are accustomed to seeing it. If not, how soon do they go to TD Teddy? And would he be ready to make the plays the team would require to compete at a high level? QB play usually makes or breaks a team, so it may be the single most important factor this season.

I'm sorry, but for what Greg Jennings is getting paid I don't need to hear any more stories about his mentoring roles. Sure, veterans need to exhibit leadership, but they also need to produce. And if Cassel has a career year then there better be plenty of fantasy teams that regret not taking Jennings. CP needs a break out year. I love the underneath stuff to him, ala Tim Brown in his glory Raider days. They need to feed him the ball at times - much like a shooter who gets hot on the basketball court - the odds are in their favor for impact plays. And that brings us to Rudolph - big contract guy needs to make his presence felt and be the big athletic power forward he is capable of bring - especially moving the chains and in the red zone. If a fourth guy shows up - like Thielen or Wright or Smith - Vikes could be dangerous.

All I ask of him is that he be aggressive and keep defenses on their toes and have a much bigger play calling sheet than Musgrave had. Would like to see more hurry up offense and having the offense run like a basketball fast break - quick hitting slants and out patterns, draw plays, play action down the field - developing quicker play and an urgency for scoring.