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Enemy Fan Forums: Atlanta Falcons

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 04:35 PM
Enemy Fan Forums: Atlanta Falcons   Falcons Boards   http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/   What they're saying:Vikings Vs Fa...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 04:35 PM
Pass the Gravy. Pass the Stuffing. Pass the Ball to Randy Moss.     The Vikings have a winning tradition on Thanksgiving Day,...

Article: Back That Thang Up!

NFL Football Talk Today, 02:22 PM
Pardon the title, but it seemed appropriate with so many backup quarterbacks getting the nod in Week 11. If you were not already aware, a...

2015 NFL Season

NFL Football Talk Today, 02:22 PM
Football is baaaaaaaaack!!!

Notable NFL News (Cuts, signings, injuries, etc.)

NFL Football Talk Today, 12:46 PM
This thread will be used for a lot of general NFL news.   Obviously big stories will get their own threads, but a lot of the NFL tid...

Vikings Offensive Struggles

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 02:22 PM
I figured I'd start a general thread that we can all discuss the Vikings' offensive struggles and topics like: Bridgewater and his lack o...

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With 6 Games Left to Play, What Do We Need to Happen to Make Playoffs?

Posted by purplePTSD.com in purplePTSD.com, 25 November 2015 · 71 views
playoffs, seahawks, packers and 2 more...

Whenever the NFL season is about half over, we all get the bug to see if our team is going to make it to those coveted playoffs in January and February. And although Coach Zimmer likes to keep his players in check by using the "focus on the next game" mentality, that doesn't mean the fans can't have some fun dreaming about annihilating the Patriots in the...

Back That Thang Up!

Posted by JustFantAshtic in Pigskin Pages, 24 November 2015 · 48 views

Pardon the title, but it seemed appropriate with so many backup quarterbacks getting the nod in Week 11. If you were not already aware, a whopping five second-stringers were called upon to start: Case Keenum, Mark Sanchez, Matt Hasselbeck, T.J. Yates, and Brock Osweiler. It was another strange week in an overall odd year, but that keeps these recaps inter...

Aaron Rodgers has Vikings number - 8675 . . .

Posted by ForPete'sSake in ForPete'sSake Blog, 23 November 2015 · 70 views

In sports there often are times when the reality is that someone else is just that much better than you. There are also times when there is a perception that someone is that much better than you.

Take what you will from the Green Bay fiasco yesterday – but it seems that both the reality and the perception remains that not only are the Packers that much b...

Fixing Our Passing Woes Part 1

Posted by OJ_notTheJuice in A Different P.O.V, 17 November 2015 · 92 views
teddy bridgewater and 4 more...

Every week I’m going to look at the gameplan and/or strategic decisions from the Vikings game and give my sometimes unconventional opinion.

This past week the Vikings were able to get the win on the road versus a solid Oakland Raiders team. Throughout the game we were in control but some familiar problems popped up again, mainly on offense. Our passing g...

The Unbelievable Story of How the 2005 Draft Made Me a Viking Fan

Posted by SwedSkol in SwedSkol, 13 November 2015 · 129 views
brett favre, nfl draft, packers and 1 more...

The Unbelievable Story of How the 2005 Draft Made Me a Viking Fan I was born in 1993, and I grew up in Beloit, Wisconsin. Beloit is located directly on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois. Packer fans on one side, Bear fans on the other. My dad grew up in Rochester Minnesota as a Viking fan and watched the Vikings a Joe Kapp and Fran Tarkenton fan. My older brother was a huge Randy Moss fan and there I was, young, igno...

Live Podcast Event + Player Autographs

Posted by ViQueen in Vikings Digital Diaries, 11 November 2015 · 69 views
vikings, event, podcast and 2 more...

On Monday, November 23rd, The Vikings Digital Diaries staff (www.vikingsdigitaldiaries.com) is hosting a podcast after the Green Bay game from 6-8 pm. The event will be held at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis and 25% of the food sales during that time will be donated to the blog.

The funds will go to support the Vikings Digital Diaries staff members, who ha...

Teddy, Part Duex

Posted by RealTripMcNeely in Intl Correspondent Adam Blog, 01 November 2015 · 349 views

Teddy, Part Duex A couple months ago I wrote an article titled Touchdown Teddy Trumps Throwbacks . I wrote the article to help pump up Vikings fans as we headed into a season with a lot of optimism and questions. I made several lofty comparisons of legends and current Viking QBs, WRs, and RBs. I equated Teddy Bridgewater to Peyton Manning (I continue my optimism below…)....

View from the Stands of our “unrecognizable” team

Posted by marv in marv's Blog, 16 September 2015 · 193 views

Much has been written and stated about what went wrong on Monday. As someone who was there, here are my thoughts on the game.
Opening day, Monday Night Football, newly created modern Levi’s Stadium was in full Super Bowl mode. As if it was a dress rehearsal [for the Super Bowl], there were Fireworks, fire eaters, flames so hot I could feel them from the s...

Fun With Numbers

Posted by Jeff in Vikings A (Adrian) To Z (Zimmer) Blog, 09 September 2014 · 703 views

Fun With Numbers In the 53 seasons of the Minnesota Vikings we have seen many great players come and go. Some of these players have gone on for enshrinement in Canton, while others have at least been inducted in to the Vikings Ring of Honor. There is one other way of being honored for heroics on the field and that is by having your jersey number retired.

Currently there...

2014 Minnesota Vikings Roster Analysis

Posted by Dylon Ackerman in Dylon’s Dialogue, 03 September 2014 · 1,046 views

2014 Minnesota Vikings Roster Analysis
By: Dylon Ackerman

QB Matt Cassel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Christian Ponder
There were no surprises here. Matt Cassel was named the starter, not only because he played well during the preseason, but because he can carry the Vikings through a tough season start. The Vikings face a tough St. Louis Rams,...

Has Ponder checked out?

Posted by Vikeologist in 1st and SKOL , 23 August 2014 · 676 views
minnesota vikings and 3 more...

We all know the writing is on the wall for Christian Ponder. He is 3rd on the depth chart and didn't get a snap in the 2nd pre-season game against the Cardinals, and probably won't see any action tonight in Kansas City.

While watching the game last Saturday, the cameras showed Cassel and Bridgewater working together, but where was Christian Ponder?


Viking Metal History

Posted by alloygator in alloygator's Blog, 22 September 2013 · 72 views

The Beginning of Viking Metal

Another subgenre in the metal community is Viking Metal. This type of music is a combination of death, folk and black bands. Viking isn't very popular in metal. This is probably because it's a fairly new genre of heavy metal. Viking has a very lyrical theme with strong keyboard characteristics, faster pace and a very dramati...

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