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It's Closing Time - Vikings Journal Is Shutting Down

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 07:00 PM
Hey guys,    The title pretty much says it all, but the MinnCentric team has decided to shut down Vikings Journal. I think they...

Article: Thank You For Supporting Vikings Journal

Minnesota Vikings Talk 14 Jan 2017
It is with a great deal of sadness that we must announce that Vikings Journal will cease to be an updated web site effective immediately,...

Purple Pain is still alive

Minnesota Vikings Talk 11 Jan 2017
Back to the old board ... looks good as new.   Purple Pain Board  

Article: 7 Questions the Minnesota Vikings Need to Answer

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 07:00 PM
The rollercoaster ride that is the Minnesota Vikings 2016 season is almost over. It started with the initial low from the shock of losing...

Article: Vikings, Greenway and The Journal Bid Adieu in W...

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 01:13 PM
The Minnesota Vikings finished their season with a bang on New Year’s Day at U.S. Bank Stadium, walloping the hapless (and completely che...

Pick 4 results are in

Minnesota Vikings Talk 03 Jan 2017
Here are the final results and full list of winners from the 2016 Pick 4. Also make sure to head over to Purple Pain where the play off e...


Gordy’s Game Guesses: Week 17 Review

Posted by Gordy Stillman in Stillman Says, 03 January 2017 · 0 views
weekly picks, analysis and 1 more...

Gordy’s Game Guesses: Week 17 Review

This is the end. The Minnesota Vikings and 19 other teams have played their final games until next season, while twelve other teams continue to the playoffs. For the third time I achieved a 12-4 record, which fittingly bookends the season. My picks reached an overall record of 165-89-2, which reaches approximately a ....

A Look Ahead to the Vikings' Offseason; Impending Free Agents, Cuts and Trades

Posted by jtkoupal in jtkoupal's Blog, 31 December 2016 · 0 views

After witnessing the abominable collapse that has transpired at U.S. Bank Stadium, and by analyzing the payroll for 2017 and beyond, it appears evident that there will be several personnel changes for the Vikings this upcoming offseason. Players will have to endure cuts, trades will have to be made, and there will be players departing for (perceived) gree...

A Running Game Deep-Dive, Part I: Diagnosis

Posted by CamPain in CamPain Trail, 26 December 2016 · 123 views

A Running Game Deep-Dive, Part I: Diagnosis While much has gone wrong in the undoing of the Vikings’ once-promising 2016 season, the lack of run game productivity has had perhaps the most profound impact of all, and has been front and center since the very start of the campaign. There’s no debating that the 2016 Vikings’ rushing attack has been among the least effective in the history of the NFL; s...

How can the Viking's defense succeed against the Packers?

Posted by A. James in Sota Sports , 23 December 2016 · 102 views

The Viking's offense has struggled most of the year so it wasn't a big surprise when they only managed six points against the Colts. However, what was a surprise was the Viking's defense giving up 34 points. I'm going to explain three reasons why the defense struggled last week and how they can fix those problems to beat the Packers.

1. Pressure the QB...

Just end it...

Posted by vikingjim60 in vikingjim60's Blog, 11 December 2016 · 186 views

Since I was a seven-year old living in the Twin Cities, I’ve woken up every Viking game day like it’s Christmas. Game day. Read the local paper, watch the pre-game shows, search the internet for anything and everything about the day’s game. I never looked for negatives—only the reasons the Beloved would win. If we were favorites, I’d look for all the v...

The Vikings Are Lost

Posted by OJ_notTheJuice in A Different P.O.V, 07 December 2016 · 150 views
adrian peterson and 4 more...

When Adrian Peterson went down with an injury this year, big media determined that the Minnesota Vikings offense would be better off without him. They said he’s slowing down (which is true), teams weren’t loading up the box vs him (debatable), and that the offense would be better in mainly shotgun sets where they can air it out in the passing game. Well 1...

WeekEnd Watchability Ratings

Posted by Dave The Dastardly in Dope, Doughnuts and Do Overs, 04 December 2016 · 100 views

Which Games Are Watchable this Weekend; Or Which NFL Games Are Napworthy If Your Beer Glass Is Half Empty?

As a TV football fan I am often faced with a dilemma; which games should I tune in and during which games should I catch my Sunday nap. So I have devised a ten-point scale to assist in resolving that weekly dilemma. I call it the Napability Scale....

Quitting Time

Posted by vikesgeek in vikesgeek's Blog, 31 October 2016 · 246 views

In a 20-10 loss to the previously 1-6 Chicago Bears that can only be described as oozing excrement, the Minnesota Vikings continued their 180 degree turn from their performances in their first five games of the season. Like last week, Minnesota paired inept play-calling with woeful offensive line play and an utter lack of interest to sleepwalk to a loss....

Real NFL Power Rankings - Week 8

Posted by Real Power Rankings in Real Power Rankings, 26 October 2016 · 206 views
power rankings, week 8, vikings and 1 more...

Real NFL Power Rankings - Week 8 Real Power Rankings - NFL Week 8

The Elite
While New England stands in a league of their own with an average ranking of 1.00, The Cowboys at 2 and the Broncos at 5 are only separated by 1.64. Meanwhile the Broncos and the Packers at 6 have 2.45 between them.

Moving On Up
Miami Dolphins +8
San Diego +6
Kansas City +4
Detroit Lions +4

Falling F...

Can the Vikings win the SuperBowl? Part 1

Posted by Ty Hermann in The other side , 26 October 2016 · 183 views

Can the Vikings win the SuperBowl? Part 1 Vikings Defense Can they win it All?
I never got to finish my 5 part series on the Vikes/Packers lineup. First off I would like to thanks the Vikings Journal for allowing me to write this blog and to Viking fans for allowing me to give my opinions on both teams (reason my blog is called the other side) and getting fair treatment by the vast majority of Vi...

Week 3 Power rankings

Posted by Randy_M in NFL Now and 4Ever, 27 September 2016 · 255 views

Week 3 Power rankings I have been doing this for myself for a few years, I know. I 'm kind of a nerd. It's something that I enjoy doing especially as the season goes along and I thought I would do it online this year. I will rank each team weekly and then post the top 12 since that is how many playoff teams there are and sum up the teams with a sentence or two. I will also add...

NFL Week 2 : Schoolin' The Book

Posted by Eddie33Miles in Fearless Ramblings, 17 September 2016 · 272 views

NFL Week 2 : Schoolin' The Book NFL Week 2 : Schoolin’ the Book

Week 1 has come and gone, and what an exciting week it was. Not many major upsets, as 13 of the 16 favorites won, but countless games were decided in the final minute. Week 2 provides a chance for all teams to prove they belong or if you might just be in for a long season as a fan. As always, it’s crucial to not over-rea...

Stefon Diggs and How Receivers Win: Diggs Isn’t Winning With Just His Routes Anymore

Posted by Nick Olson in Film Breakdowns, 13 September 2016 · 342 views
stefon diggs, film breakdown and 3 more...

Stefon Diggs and How Receivers Win: Diggs Isn’t Winning With Just His Routes Anymore Last week, Stefon Diggs posted a 103-yard game with Shaun Hill throwing him the ball. Diggs was the highest-graded player on the Vikings offense by far and accounted for 44% of the Vikings’ passing yards. His seven receptions ties a career high, and his 103 yards marks his third 100-yard-game in the past year. Again, this was with Shaun Hill throwing hi...

Week One All 22 Review: The Running Game & Green Bay Week Notes

Posted by Adam Houck in Valhallablog, 13 September 2016 · 290 views
titans, packers, color rush and 2 more...

The Vikings were victorious in their Week One game against the Tennessee Titans 25-16. Offensively, the Vikings had five field goal attempts to show for their efforts and were outscored by their own defense 13-12.

In a game that featured Shaun Hill at QB, a Vikings win was expected to have featured a big day from Adrian Peterson. That was not the case as...

What's Next For Last Weekend's Most Impressive Teams?

Posted by Mike Rose in Amateur Hour, 08 September 2016 · 206 views
college football

After a Labor Day weekend spent at a cabin with no cell service or Internet (if you've not done that in a while, I highly recommend it), I returned to the wired world to find four college football teams that really stood out in their openers.

Let's take a look at those four squads and what's next for each of them:

We'll start with the most impressive te...

Win Now! - The 2016 Minnesota Vikings

Posted by Garrett Stolt in Fanatic Journal , 06 September 2016 · 1,684 views
vikings, sam bradford and 2 more...

Win Now! - The 2016 Minnesota Vikings There was no doubt that Minnesota Viking teammates were shaken after seeing their beloved young quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, go down last Tuesday. Later that afternoon, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, showed an unusual emotional side to him. Zimmer had a tough time finding the right words, but explained, “ He’s a great kid. Let’s let him get healthy an...

Vikings Training Camp Live 2016: Day 9 Practice

Posted by Adam Patrick in Straight Cash Homey, 08 August 2016 · 346 views
minnesota vikings, training camp and 1 more...

Vikings Training Camp Live 2016: Day 9 Practice With only two practices remaining, the Minnesota Vikings time in Mankato is already coming to a close. After the team’s practice today, the team will have a final practice first thing tomorrow morning at 8am (central time).

Like this morning, I will have live coverage of today and tomorrow’s events in Mankato.

For a recap of this afternoon's practice, r...

Let's Speak Honestly About Teddy 2016

Posted by VikingsBoss in VikingsBoss' Blog, 31 July 2016 · 841 views

So, Melanie (Funkytown to those of you not lucky enough to have met her) has been on me for some time to start a blog. I have decided to give it a go. A couple of disclaimers before I begin; I am typing on a smartphone, which is not my preferred method, so I apologize for grammatical and spelling errors/typos that are sure to arise. Secondly, my opinio...

Bold Predictions and Statements About The Minnesota Vikings Offense

Posted by JGunther in JGunther's Blog, 29 July 2016 · 380 views

The Minnesota Vikings reported to Mankato for training camp on Thursday. They haven’t had realistic Super Bowl aspirations since 2010. Last season, they were close, but needed to upgrade several areas of the offense first. They were 16th in total offense, 23rd in yards per play, 29th in first downs, 31st in passing yards and 31st in passing touchdowns. Al...

Should AP Play in the Preseason? Case Closed

Posted by Carl Pierson in Purple Pontifications, 21 July 2016 · 481 views
adrian peterson preseason

For half a decade the debate has raged on about whether or not Adrian Peterson should play in the preseason. AP has not had a carry in a preseason game since 2011 but something that makes the annual discussion point different this fall is that AP himself is lobbying to play.
In an interview with nfl.com in May Adrian said he would pressure Coach Zimme...

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