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Article: The Wrap Up - What's Happening Around The Le...

NFL Football Talk Today, 08:49 PM
Full training camps are finally underway, and there is A LOT going on throughout the league. Here are some of the top stories from the pa...

Article: Mocking Fantasy in Every Sense of the Word [Firs...

Fantasy Football Talk Today, 08:23 PM
Wowzers. I may be a bit late to the game on this, but I stumbled across this online fantasy draft simulator on DraftWizard.com the other...

Color Rush

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 02:20 PM
Report: "Color Rush" Coming League-Wide In 2016 by Christopher Gates   While the "Color Rush" phenomenon only extended to eight tea...

Vikings Stadium

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 08:49 PM
Thread for news and updates regarding the new stadium. 

Article: College Football Preview: 5 Big Questions

College Football And Draft Yesterday, 04:24 AM
Last week, I wrote about the five big questions facing the Gophers football team this season. Today, I'm expanding the focus a bit by loo...


Roster Predictions and Training Camp Position Battle Guide

Posted by Adam Houck in Valhallablog, 30 July 2016 · 45 views
vikings, training camp, roster and 1 more...


Vikings training camp “kicked off” on Friday in Mankato. The team will practice at Minnesota State University until the week of their first preseason game with the Cincinnati Bengals. Below are my roster predictions of who is in and who needs to have a strong camp t...

Bold Predictions and Statements About The Minnesota Vikings Offense

Posted by JGunther in JGunther's Blog, 29 July 2016 · 91 views

The Minnesota Vikings reported to Mankato for training camp on Thursday. They haven’t had realistic Super Bowl aspirations since 2010. Last season, they were close, but needed to upgrade several areas of the offense first. They were 16th in total offense, 23rd in yards per play, 29th in first downs, 31st in passing yards and 31st in passing touchdowns. Al...

College Football Preview: 5 Big Questions

Posted by Mike Rose in Amateur Hour, 28 July 2016 · 49 views
college football

Last week, I wrote about the five big questions facing the Gophers football team this season. Today, I'm expanding the focus a bit by looking at the five biggest questions across all of college football.

In the comments section, I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these. Or, if there's another question that you think deserves some discussion, let's...

Should AP Play in the Preseason? Case Closed

Posted by Carl Pierson in Purple Pontifications, 21 July 2016 · 249 views
adrian peterson preseason

For half a decade the debate has raged on about whether or not Adrian Peterson should play in the preseason. AP has not had a carry in a preseason game since 2011 but something that makes the annual discussion point different this fall is that AP himself is lobbying to play.
In an interview with nfl.com in May Adrian said he would pressure Coach Zimme...

concussions in sports

Posted by sirlurcholibre78 in sirlurcholibre78's Blog, 19 July 2016 · 102 views

I wasn't planning on writing today but when I heard about this story, I changed my mind.

first of all, before I go any farther, I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training of any kind. I am just a guy giving my honest opinion on this issue and if I am wrong or if you disagree with anything I say, please let me know.

anyways the story that caug...

2016 Vikings Position Battles: Running Backs

Posted by purplePTSD.com in purplePTSD.com, 19 July 2016 · 182 views
adrian peterson, matt asiata and 1 more...

This article originally appeared on www.purplePTSD.com and was written by LBVikings

The Vikings have been set at running back since 2007 with a Hall of Fame lock. But behind Adrian Peterson, we've had a bit of a turning carousel. From Chester Taylor to Toby Gerhart to Matt Asiata, there is always intrigue at running back behind Adrian. Also included in...

Avoiding the Minnesota Sports Letdown

Posted by zcedergren in Viking Fan Thoughts, 14 July 2016 · 120 views

The start of training camp is fast approaching for the Minnesota Vikings. The team believes training camp will be the beginning of a promising season especially coming off of a division title.
There are many reasons for optimism surrounding the team. Perhaps the biggest is that Mike Zimmer has already developed into one of the best coaches in the NFL and...

Greetings and Salutations

Posted by VikingsVoice in VikingsVoice's Blog, 05 July 2016 · 188 views

Greetings and Salutations Since I've been on Vikings Journal (and every other Vikings related site) for a couple years now, I thought it might be time to start a blog so that I can get even more Vikings related interaction than I already have! Vikings are a 24/7 365 passion for me so this seemed like the next logical step down the purple rabbit hole.

A little about me; I grew up...

Hello Vikings Fans

Posted by RJ Dier in Dier Straits , 05 July 2016 · 143 views

It's a great day to be a Vikings fan.

Welcome to my blog that I'm calling "Dier Straits." Yes, Dier rhymes with fire.

I was born in International Falls, I grew up in Green Bay when Lombardi was coaching, lived for 20 years in New Ulm, Minnesota but now live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

I was a sportswriter in Minnesota from 1988 to 1995. Did some subbing for...

The Curious Case of Laquon Treadwell: How the Evolution of the NFL has Created an Inverse Relationship between Production and Draft Stock

Posted by CamPain in CamPain Trail, 26 June 2016 · 385 views
laquon treadwell, megaquon and 2 more...

The Curious Case of Laquon Treadwell: How the Evolution of the NFL has Created an Inverse Relationship between Production and Draft Stock When the Vikings selected Laquon Treadwell with the 23rd pick, the move was by and large received positively by Vikings fans and objective football fans alike; the term offered most consistently in endorsing the pick was “value”: the Vikings found tremendous value in drafting Treadwell. But why should we believe Treadwell truly represented value for the...

Vikings Missing Opportunity to Significantly Upgrade at Quarterback

Posted by vikesgeek in vikesgeek's Blog, 22 June 2016 · 4,227 views

Since 2006, the Minnesota Vikings have attempted to accomplish a previously long sought goal—the unearthing of a franchise quarterback. Minnesota had not had a true franchise quarterback, since Fran Tarkenton roamed the sidelines in the 1970s. They still have not.

Rick Spielman has been of two minds regarding the staffing of the quarterback position. For...

Understanding the Strengths and Limitations of Stephen Weatherly

Posted by Matt Fries in Matt Fries' Blog, 08 June 2016 · 368 views
stephen weatherly, rookie and 2 more...

Understanding the Strengths and Limitations of Stephen Weatherly With the 227th pick in the Draft, and their second to last selection this year, the Minnesota Vikings chose Edge Rusher Stephen Weatherly out of Vanderbilt.

Weatherly played as a 3-4 OLB in college, but profiles as a DE in the Vikings' scheme. Although he didn't participate in every drill, the size and athletic measurables that are available for Weather...

Revisiting 2010: Super Bowl or Bust

Posted by QuixoticViking in QuixoticViking's Blog, 14 May 2016 · 192 views
vikings, favre, harvin

Everyone remembers 2009. The Vikings went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Fewer people remember 2010.
The confidence could not have been higher going into 2010 and for good reason. This season was the Viking’s 50th anniversary, they were one of the hottest teams in the league the year before, and the gang was back. There was every reason...

Outside, Looking In: Zimmer Not Just a Coach, But Meticulous Teacher

Posted by Bleedin' Purple in Bleedin' Purple's Blog, 13 May 2016 · 213 views

After Coach Mike Zimmer's press inclusion of a classroom experience, I can't help but think that Coach Zim has certainly remembered all of his past experiences as an assistant, and put them to great use to himself, now as a head coach (where media is concerned).
The National Football League has pushed its way far past being just a seasonal pastime, into a...

Trade Up?

Posted by Dave The Dastardly in Dope, Doughnuts and Do Overs, 09 April 2016 · 421 views

If Rick Spielman has proven anything, it’s that he isn’t afraid to make a move on Draft Day. So given that the Vikings may have addressed their offensive line woes (Problem Area #1) in the off-season with a new line coach and several free agent signings, is there a possibility that Spielman will throw the dice and trade-up to snatch a “must have” player i...

Why The Vikings Should Consider (maybe) Drafting Wide Receivers With Their First Two Picks

Posted by Waiter1602 in Minnesota Groan, 23 March 2016 · 423 views

I know, everyone, I’m realizing the scrutiny I’m going to get for writing this and I’m not even completely sold on it myself. But, I’m still going to rationalize (with myself) why this isn’t the worst idea in the world.

ATTENTION: I get that it’s still a horrible idea to a majority of you. And I know you’re thinking, “why am I even reading this,” and...

Farewell Forte

Posted by JustFantAshtic in Pigskin Pages, 12 February 2016 · 204 views
chicago bears, bears, nfc north and 2 more...

With the offseason upon us, now is the time for big player movement in advance of the free agent frenzy. In a move that was highly anticipated by most experts, the Bears have opted not to re-sign veteran Matt Forte, instead moving forward with 2015 rookie sensation Jeremy Langford as their lead back. Forte announced the news via his Instagram account, exp...

Why Mitchell Schwartz should be the Vikings Top FA Target this Offseason

Posted by SwedSkol in SwedSkol, 10 February 2016 · 567 views
mitchell schwartz, offensive line and 3 more...

It's no secret that one of the Vikings top priorities this offseason should be fixing the offensive line. Teddy Bridgewater was pressured far too often and in order to continue his growth as our franchise qb we must spend money to protect him. Not only would an upgraded offensive line greatly improve Teddy's confidence but it would also give him more time...

Run First Offenses Rule the League Part 1

Posted by OJ_notTheJuice in A Different P.O.V, 07 February 2016 · 306 views
vikings, teddy, super bowl and 1 more...

Football has evolved over the decades from a game with little difference from rugby, which was causing deaths on a regular basis, to the nuanced developed creature it is now, with all the new player safety rules and precautions. As the rules have changed so has the way teams try to move the ball on offense. Gone are the days of 3 yards and a cloud of dust...

Teddy's Throwing Motion Threatens Potential For Greatness

Posted by ForPete'sSake in ForPete'sSake Blog, 31 January 2016 · 413 views

If the Vikings are going to take that next step and make a Super Bowl run in the next few years as many national pundits seem to think will be the case, the key element to that season-ending run will not so much reside in the domination of its defense, but rather in the continued growth of its young quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater.

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