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Article: Hot Competition at Middle Linebacker

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 05:35 AM
When Eric Kendricks was scooped up by the Minnesota Vikings with their second-round pick (45th overall) in this year’s NFL Draft, most as...

Percy Harvin

NFL Football Talk Today, 02:29 AM
Or so the rumor says.. for a conditional mid round pick.http://profootballta...r-percy-harvin/

Training Camp

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 02:29 AM

Manziel...and the Browns

NFL Football Talk Yesterday, 06:08 PM
Several news sources announced this morning (ESPN had it first) that Cleveland quarterback Johnny Manziel is heading into treatment for o...

Article: Newman's Not Old--Just Aged Like a Fine Wine

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 05:51 PM
Veteran cornerback Terence Newman has been around awhile. As an offseason free agent acquisition, the 36-year old former corner is on his...

Vikings Schedule

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 02:29 AM
Minnesota Vikings 2015 Schedule Released   Preseason    Hall of Fame Game (Sunday, August 9 at 7 PM CT): vs. Pittsburgh St...


Camp Stamp

Posted by Cm1 in Horns Earned, 30 July 2015 · 41 views

Thus far, I've been very pleased with the condition the team arrived at camp in. It has a huge impact on the quality of practice and the health during camp. Much credit to the players, training staff and organization for being prepared coming out of the offseason.

I obviously appreciate Zimmer and company putting Waynes in the slot, it makes a ton of sen...

The Road to the Playoffs

Posted by Hammer of Killebrew in Hammer of Killebrew's Blog, 29 July 2015 · 61 views

The NFL designs its schedule for parody. They do their best to see majority of games are entertaining. It seems like we see teams unexpectedly fall and rise every year. The Vikings are a young team looking to take a step forward. They certainly need to if they want to make the playoffs this year. The Vikings are hard press to win the division. Its really...

This May be the End of Cordarrelle Patterson

Posted by purplePTSD.com in purplePTSD.com, 28 July 2015 · 252 views
cordarrelle patterson and 4 more...

When reading through a recent Q&A with Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer , something suddenly struck me. CP is done. It's not something I'm glad about, or something that I've consciously even thought about up until now. But he isn't going to make this team, and it was all laid out in an answer Zimmer gave during the Q&A.

First off; the evidence is c...

Most Injury-Prone Vikings

Posted by ViQueen in The ViQueen, 23 July 2015 · 131 views
minnesota, vikings, injury and 1 more...

When attempting to come up with my first blog topic on PurplePTSD, I sorted through the content that was already online about the Minnesota Vikings. You’d think during the offseason it would be toned down. Well… that assumption was as accurate as Josh Robinson’s Twitter account. And now that we all know what type of blogger/writer I am… let’s get start...

ALL DAY about THE MONEY - in the end

Posted by ForPete'sSake in ForPete'sSake Blog, 22 July 2015 · 131 views

ALL DAY about THE MONEY - in the end So it truly was all about the money in the end? It's a question that isn't worth as much conversation as it was maybe a few months ago - now that AP has re-done his existing contract to include what is basically a 2-year, $20 million guaranteed deal. As the saying goes, money talks and bs walks.

Not long ago, AP's camp was pining for a trade, saying he w...

European tackle should draw interest in Mankato

Posted by Purple KoolAid in Purple KoolAid Post, 18 July 2015 · 173 views
babatunde aiyegbusi

European tackle should draw interest in Mankato With the offensive line play as a source of concern, the Minnesota Vikings signed Babatunde Aiyegbusi (whose name is pronounced bah-BUH-tune-day ah-YEG-boo-see) in March.

What make Aiyegbusi particularly interesting is that he has no collegiate experience as he played for the Dresden Monarchs during the 2014 campaign of the German Football League. If (...

Touchdown Teddy Trumps Throwback Teams

Posted by RealTripMcNeely in International Correspondent Adam's Blog, 18 July 2015 · 349 views
bridgewater, techno bowl, manning and 2 more...

Touchdown Teddy Trumps Throwback Teams All the way to a championship?

What a difference a year makes in the NFL. We forget how quickly teams can right the ship, but NFL teams have a way of producing thrilling turnaround seasons. Nothing jump starts a team like a new quarterback. The 1998/1999 Colts improved from 3-13 to 13-3 as Peyton Manning matured in his second season. In 1991 The Green B...

Why I think the Vikings will make the playoffs this year

Posted by nortloff in nortloff's Blog, 17 July 2015 · 119 views

I think that 2015 is the year that the Vikings make it back to the playoffs. Mike Zimmer has been able to take our defense from #32 in offensive points allowed to #13 and from #31 in pass defense to #7 in just his first year as coach. Zimmer has been able to build a solid core of young guys on defense with Harrison Smith emerging as one of the leagues top...

Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Has a Point About NFL Contracts

Posted by Tom Schreier in Tom Schreier's Blog, 08 June 2015 · 306 views
minnesota vikings and 3 more...

The Minnesota Vikings offseason is going to be scary this year if everyone can stay relatively healthy. They’ve got Teddy Bridgewater coming off a strong end to his rookie season, and plenty of targets for him: big play receiver Mike Wallace, emerging Charles Johnson, hybrid players in Jarius Wright and Cordarrelle Patterson, and dynamic tight end Kyle Ru...

Bloggers: What would you like to see in the blog section?

Posted by Brock Beauchamp in Battle Your Tail Off, 05 February 2015 · 367 views

Bloggers: What would you like to see in the blog section? I've been looking at the blog section of the site lately and see that it hasn't gotten any TLC since launch. I made some small changes to how the blogs are listed in the mobile section of the site this morning and that got me thinking... I'm not a blogger. I should ask you bloggers what you want changes you'd like to see made to the site.

I'm open to any...

Arm Chair GM/Vikings 4 Round 2015 NFL MOCK DRAFT

Posted by Burnem83 in Burnem83's Vikings Blog, 17 January 2015 · 1,655 views

Arm Chair GM/Vikings 4 Round 2015 NFL MOCK DRAFT Time has come for Vikings, it is Draft Day. Before we get to the Draft let's see what has happened first. Greenway, Johnson, and Felton are either cut or has decided to walk. Vikings saved 12+million in cap space with those three, and restructured Jennings contract to save another 3 million. So Vikings are looking at close to 25 million in cap room with t...

Wildcard Weekend Matchups

Posted by Randy_M in Randy_M's Blog, 01 January 2015 · 642 views

Wildcard Weekend Matchups The Vikings are done for the season and we have an interesting off season to look forward to. We have the draft and free agency coming up and what current Vikings will be cut as well as which of their own free agents will they sign. Since there will not be much happening until the Super Bowl is complete, let’s take a look at the playoff match-ups this wee...

What's in store for the Vikings?

Posted by Holden Mitchell in Holden's Vikings Blog, 09 November 2014 · 852 views

First off, my name is Holden Mitchell. I am 15 years old, and this is my first blog article. I’m an enormous Vikings fan, and I’m pursuing my passion of writing about sports. The Minnesota Vikings currently have a 4-5 record and are third in the NFC North Division. Week 10 was their bye week, so now is a great time to see what is in store for the Vikings....


Posted by RealTripMcNeely in Hot Vikes Takes, 06 November 2014 · 733 views

GO FOR IT!!! Last weekend we saw what many football fans would love to see more often.

The Vikings win was nice, but the TWO 2-point conversions had “GO FOR IT” advocates overjoyed.

In the fourth quarter, Washington scored a touchdown putting the visitors up by 5 points. Washington went for the 2-point conversion in hopes of gaining a more comfortable 7-point lead,...

Mastering McCoy

Posted by Matthew Holderness in Vikings 365, 27 October 2014 · 472 views
minnesota vikings and 4 more...

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently the NFL's worst defense in far too many important categories. While there are many contributing factors to this, one is not them lacking a star player. In defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, they have one of the game's elite.

The accolades have quickly piled up for the fifth year pro. He earned first team All-Pro honors...

Vikings' Offensive Line Holding Back Bridgewater, McKinnon

Posted by GoGonzoJournal in GoGonzoJournal's Blog, 19 October 2014 · 562 views
teddy bridgewater, matt kalil and 3 more...

Vikings' Offensive Line Holding Back Bridgewater, McKinnon The Vikings’ defense played admirably despite a last-second, game-winning touchdown pass from Kyle Orton, Sunday. They forced four turnovers, and the Vikings offense could only muster 16 points in the loss. Patrick Reusse of 1500 ESPN and the Star Tribune has been pretty clear that rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is to blame for the anemic offense....

What to do about Adrian Peterson's mess?

Posted by Jdosen in Jdosen's Blog, 15 September 2014 · 851 views

Originally posted on http://troywilliamso...s.blogspot.com/
This Adrian Peterson situation is an absolute disaster. After being charged with essentially child abuse (whatever the official legal jargon actually is escapes me right now) on Friday, it's been a whirlwind of sadness, confusion, and people on twitter advertising their idiocy in broad dayli...

Will Adrian Peterson Take The Ball and Run With It or Fumle It Away?

Posted by crankfan in crankyfan's Blog, 13 September 2014 · 569 views
adrian peterson and 1 more...

Will Adrian Peterson Take The Ball and Run With It or Fumle It Away? I won't forget where I was when I heard the Adrian Peterson news. I had just returned home from the hospital with our second child. I was laying with our other child explaining to him what it is like to have another kid in the house. A beep came across my phone and it read "you need to check out this AP news." I jumped on twitter and sure enough the Adria...

Fun With Numbers

Posted by Jeff in Vikings A (Adrian) To Z (Zimmer) Blog, 09 September 2014 · 575 views

Fun With Numbers In the 53 seasons of the Minnesota Vikings we have seen many great players come and go. Some of these players have gone on for enshrinement in Canton, while others have at least been inducted in to the Vikings Ring of Honor. There is one other way of being honored for heroics on the field and that is by having your jersey number retired.

Currently there...

2014 Minnesota Vikings Roster Analysis

Posted by Dylon Ackerman in Dylon’s Dialogue, 03 September 2014 · 907 views

2014 Minnesota Vikings Roster Analysis
By: Dylon Ackerman

QB Matt Cassel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Christian Ponder
There were no surprises here. Matt Cassel was named the starter, not only because he played well during the preseason, but because he can carry the Vikings through a tough season start. The Vikings face a tough St. Louis Rams,...

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