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This Week in the NFC North - Week 9

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 08:02 PM
This Week in the NFC North – Week 9     Last Week   This scribe went 3-1 in predicting games last week to improve the seas...

Report: RGIII to get the start versus the Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 04:00 PM
A report from NBC4 in Washington, D.C., says that Robert Griffin III will get the start on Sunday against the Vikings in TCF Bank Stadium...

TACO NIGHT at The Cassel's!

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 06:12 AM
Matt Cassel is hands down one of my favorite athletes to have covered. He's a pros pro and just a nice guy no matter the situation....

Cassel Staying Active With Team While on IR

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 06:12 AM
This won't surprise anybody who has dealt with Matt Cassel in any capacity, but despite his season ending diagnosis he has remained engag...

Barr named NFC Defensive Player of the Week

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 11:02 AM
Minnesota Vikings rookie linebacker Anthony Barr was today named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week.   Barr recorded eight tackles...

Hope for the future

Minnesota Vikings Talk Today, 06:12 AM
It's not set yet where the Vikings will pick in the 2015 Draft, but chances are they will get a decent pick. Two responses in Mike Zimmer...

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Horns Earned: Mid Season Reference

Posted by Cm1 in Horns Earned, 28 October 2014 · 51 views

Horns Earned: Mid Season Reference WHAT WAS EXPECTED
Coming out of training camp the team was expected to win between 6-9 games. The first half of the schedule was littered with tough match ups. The offense had a lot of fire power with Greg, Cordarrelle, Adrian, and Rudolph offering Norv significant weapons. The line was going to be strong, and the eventual changing of the guard at QB was...

Mastering McCoy

Posted by Matthew Holderness in Vikings 365, 27 October 2014 · 117 views
minnesota vikings and 4 more...

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently the NFL's worst defense in far too many important categories. While there are many contributing factors to this, one is not them lacking a star player. In defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, they have one of the game's elite.

The accolades have quickly piled up for the fifth year pro. He earned first team All-Pro honors...

Rush to Judgment

Posted by ForPete'sSake in ForPete'sSake Blog, 26 October 2014 · 114 views

Teddy needs time.

That's not only true when he drops back, but also for those rushing to judgment on his progress.

I wrote before that he is not playing with a full deck when it comes to playmakers. Even Patterson, although a tremendous talent, he is a wide receiver and needs to act as one. Will his progress mirror that of Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thom...

Top 5 Viking Linebackers of All Time

Posted by Randy_M in Randy_M's Blog, 25 October 2014 · 118 views

Top 5 Viking Linebackers of All Time I have decided to include all Viking Linebackers on this list and not break it down into outside and middle linebackers. The reason for this is that the lists would be rather thin. Although there is a lot of talent throughout the years and longevity at the position there were not a lot of league standouts as opposed to the other positions I have covered....

Vikings' Offensive Line Holding Back Bridgewater, McKinnon

Posted by GoGonzoJournal in GoGonzoJournal's Blog, 19 October 2014 · 116 views
teddy bridgewater, matt kalil and 3 more...

Vikings' Offensive Line Holding Back Bridgewater, McKinnon The Vikings’ defense played admirably despite a last-second, game-winning touchdown pass from Kyle Orton, Sunday. They forced four turnovers, and the Vikings offense could only muster 16 points in the loss. Patrick Reusse of 1500 ESPN and the Star Tribune has been pretty clear that rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is to blame for the anemic offense....

NFL Security, Keith Millard and the Minnesota Vikings

Posted by Parker Hageman in Hot Vikes Takes, 07 October 2014 · 681 views

NFL Security, Keith Millard and the Minnesota Vikings Over at Vice.com , Jack Moore has an excellent article on the “extralegal clusterfuck” that the NFL has created with their security force.

The Minnesota Vikings had gone through a stretch in the late 1980s through the mid-1990s in which they could be considered the “most out-of-control team in the NFL ”. Prompted by the need to clean up the team’s publi...

What to do about Adrian Peterson's mess?

Posted by Jdosen in Jdosen's Blog, 15 September 2014 · 424 views

Originally posted on http://troywilliamso...s.blogspot.com/
This Adrian Peterson situation is an absolute disaster. After being charged with essentially child abuse (whatever the official legal jargon actually is escapes me right now) on Friday, it's been a whirlwind of sadness, confusion, and people on twitter advertising their idiocy in broad dayli...

Will Adrian Peterson Take The Ball and Run With It or Fumle It Away?

Posted by crankfan in crankyfan's Blog, 13 September 2014 · 262 views
adrian peterson and 1 more...

Will Adrian Peterson Take The Ball and Run With It or Fumle It Away? I won't forget where I was when I heard the Adrian Peterson news. I had just returned home from the hospital with our second child. I was laying with our other child explaining to him what it is like to have another kid in the house. A beep came across my phone and it read "you need to check out this AP news." I jumped on twitter and sure enough the Adria...

Fun With Numbers

Posted by Jeff in Vikings A (Adrian) To Z (Zimmer) Blog, 09 September 2014 · 271 views

Fun With Numbers In the 53 seasons of the Minnesota Vikings we have seen many great players come and go. Some of these players have gone on for enshrinement in Canton, while others have at least been inducted in to the Vikings Ring of Honor. There is one other way of being honored for heroics on the field and that is by having your jersey number retired.

Currently there...

2014 Minnesota Vikings Roster Analysis

Posted by Dylon Ackerman in Dylon’s Dialogue, 03 September 2014 · 500 views

2014 Minnesota Vikings Roster Analysis
By: Dylon Ackerman

QB Matt Cassel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Christian Ponder
There were no surprises here. Matt Cassel was named the starter, not only because he played well during the preseason, but because he can carry the Vikings through a tough season start. The Vikings face a tough St. Louis Rams,...

Has Ponder checked out?

Posted by Vikeologist in 1st and SKOL , 23 August 2014 · 351 views
minnesota vikings and 3 more...

We all know the writing is on the wall for Christian Ponder. He is 3rd on the depth chart and didn't get a snap in the 2nd pre-season game against the Cardinals, and probably won't see any action tonight in Kansas City.

While watching the game last Saturday, the cameras showed Cassel and Bridgewater working together, but where was Christian Ponder?


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