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Adrian Peterson: I'd Play For the Cowboys

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#1 Aj Mansour

Aj Mansour


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Posted 28 August 2014 - 12:11 PM

Outside the Lines is reporting that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson told Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that he would like to play for the Cowboys when his tenure with the Vikings ends...


"Well, I understand, Adrian," Jones told Peterson during the call. "I'd like that, too ... Well, I love your story. I love your daddy's story. I've always respected what you've been about. I've always been a fan of yours."


The telephone call is recounted as part of an expansive "Outside the Lines"/ESPN The Magazine profile of Jones by ESPN senior writer Don Van Natta Jr. that was published Thursday.


What are your feelings on this possibility?


CLICK HERE for the original story.

#2 Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp


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Posted 28 August 2014 - 12:32 PM

I think it's much ado about nothing. I imagine many players look at a storied franchise like the Cowboys with their absurdly expensive stadium and rabid fanbase and say "hey, it'd be kind of cool to play here".


The same applies to baseball and the Yankees, basketball and the Lakers, and hockey and the Red Wings.

#3 John Bonnes

John Bonnes

    Bench Warmer

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Posted 28 August 2014 - 12:36 PM

Here's what bothers me about this: Peterson seemed to call the Cowboys. It's one thing to have an impromptu casual conversation at a fundraiser or something. It's quite another thing to hunt down Jerry Jones in his suite and talk to him about wanting to play for the Cowboys. 


AP isn't supposed to be contacting other teams directly, period, right? So why is he calling the owner and as soon as the owner gets on the phone (the link above has a video which gives the conversation a little more context) that's the first thing he says? 


That isn't innocent or polite. That is a guy going out of his way to try and work a move. I wonder what drove him to do that? 

#4 Aj Mansour

Aj Mansour


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Posted 28 August 2014 - 12:38 PM

According to the story, AP was on the phone with a money management character who then passed the phone over to Jerry Jones. Not sure if it makes it better, I could see AP using that "I'd love to play for the Cowboys" line as a form of flattery.

#5 Aj Mansour

Aj Mansour


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Posted 28 August 2014 - 12:40 PM

Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings have both released statements regarding the recent ESPN Outside the Lines report...


Adrian Peterson - "This was a casual conversation between NFL colleagues in which I never indicated I wanted to leave the Vikings. I have always said I understand the NFL is a business but that I would love to retire as a Viking."


Minnesota Vikings - "We are focused on the 2014 season, and as we have consistently communicated, Adrian is an integral part of the Vikings organization."

#6 Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson

    Ball Boy

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Posted 28 August 2014 - 12:55 PM

Yawn. Totally overblown, IMO. I can't believe how much chatter/angst this generating on Twitter.

#7 diehardtwinsfan



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Posted 28 August 2014 - 12:59 PM

Probably overblown...


but I'd be happy to reverse herschel walker the Cowboys.

#8 Joe Oberle

Joe Oberle

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Posted 28 August 2014 - 01:02 PM

If you asked Tom Brady, he wants to retire a Patriot but would probably enjoying playing for his hometown team the 49ers. I thought Favre mentioned wanted to play for the Saints, which he grew up rooting for. There is certainly an attraction to play in the uniform of the team you grew up with. But I don't think Peterson has any desires to make this happen. He just came out recently saying that he is so excited about the Vikings offense this season. I don't think he is trying to figure out how to get to Dallas. At the end of his career, possibly, when the Vikings realize that the money is too much for the production, they might want to trade AP to Dallas, and now they know AP would be fine with it.


But I hope the Vikings would demand six or seven players and five draft picks to exact a little payback for the Hershel Walker trade.

#9 Jeff


    Practice Squad

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Posted 28 August 2014 - 01:11 PM

This town is never short on sports controversies as it pertains to players. The last one just got shipped to Cleveland last Saturday.

#10 Cm1


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Posted 28 August 2014 - 01:20 PM

Jerry world. Thing is, if you've followed Charlie strong at all since his arrival at UT (burnt orange are my non big ten squeeze) you'll know that football is the local soap. Part of their job is to feed the culture, a business espn is in. This whole story about Glen Taylor wining after the Love trade has been fanned by windhorst, who insinuates every opportunity he gets. It's all about buzz, and that's what this is for. Jerry pumping jerry world. Adrian grew up during the cowboys renaissance and probably didn't know the oilers well, nor the Texans. The cowboys were Americas team in the 90s. It's not like we haven't all seen Adrian's contract the next few years.

#11 Joe Oberle

Joe Oberle

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Posted 28 August 2014 - 04:37 PM

Even more to the point: who wants to play for Jerry Jones? I know it's the home town team, Adrian, but look around. Your present team owners are better owners than Jones. Jones has made that a team wreck since Jimmy Johnson left. Jones is just Al Davis with a better haircut and less bling.

#12 Seth Stohs

Seth Stohs


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Posted 28 August 2014 - 05:03 PM

If other teams would have offered 6-7 players for AP any time over the last couple of years, the Vikings would have been crazy not to take it. I was probably wrong in thinking they should have traded him two or three years ago, but at this point, it's wise to consider.


As for his comments, much ado about nothing. Probably.

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