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Article: Vikings' Playoff Chances--Slimmest Glimmer of Hope

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#1 Joe Oberle

Joe Oberle

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Posted 19 December 2016 - 01:24 PM

If you watched the Vikings game on Sunday, you would surmise that their season is over. They looked dead on offense and dead on defense, and they resembled a team ready to play out the string when everything was still on the line for them. Well, everything still is on the line for them as there is a slim chance that they can make the playoffs. How will they respond?When all was said and done on Sunday night—and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football—the Vikings were left with what is being valued at a 1.5 chance to still make the playoffs. (Assuming you would still like to see them to make it there.)

In order for that slimmest of chances to take place, the following things have to happen:

• The Vikings must win out (where have we heard that before) over the Packers in Green Bay and the Chicago Bears at home (two suddenly difficult challenges).

• The Bucs would have to lose their final two games (at the New Orleans Saints and at home versus the Carolina Panthers).

• Washington would have to lose two of their final three games (tonight at home versus the Panthers, and then at the Bears and at home against the New York Giants).

I can see Washington helping the Vikings out with two losses in those games. And perhaps the Panthers have some pride left to win tonight and over the Bucs. Even the Saints, which can still score a lot of points, never gives up with Drew Brees at the helm. So, that all could happen.

But the toughest row to hoe, in my estimation, is for the Vikings to win their final two games over the Pack and the Bears. Winning either of them right now, after what we saw yesterday against the Indianapolis Colts at U.S. Bank Stadium seems pretty remote. The Vikings, inexplicably, looked like a beaten team. One that didn’t care to be out there with their season on the line. I certainly didn’t come away from that game feeling like things would improve in that regard next week.

But then head coach Mike Zimmer kind of laid down the gauntlet yesterday in his news conference, saying that, in a manner of speaking, jobs are on the line.
"I want to find the guys that are going to fight," Zimmer said. "So, if they’re not going to fight, they’re going to get their butt out."

Coming from a guy wearing the visage of a salty old, one-eyed pirate, that could get some of the players’ attention. We heard all season that Zimmer liked the attitude of this team and how they fight. But the fight looked like it was gone out of them yesterday. It will say a lot about this team going forward if Zimmer can’t find a way to help them rediscover that fight and play these last two games tough and with some pride. You’d think that a coach out there risking his sight would be enough, but Zimmer can’t play the games.

All we can say at this point is that there is a chance. Not a very good one, but a chance. Do the Vikings have anything left to try to play for that chance? Do they have the fire to play hard until that last chance is gone? We will found out on Saturday at Lambeau Field.

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#2 Dave The Dastardly

Dave The Dastardly

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Posted 19 December 2016 - 02:18 PM

The first thing I'd do is bench Barr and get Audie Cole in the game. Enough with the "athleticism". We need a guy that can stop a running back in his tracks on first contact. Put Audie in the middle, Kendricks on the strong side and Greenway weakside.


Second thing, I'd tell Shurmer/Bradford the next time they throw a pass short of the yard marker on third down they're both done for the rest of the game.


Third; the same thing goes for sending Adrian up the middle on 1st down. Verboten! Zim can pick a half-drunk mentally challenged guy out of the stands to run the offense and come up with something more imaginative than that. If AP can't run off tackle he shouldn't be in the game. Oh, yeah, if AP can't hit the edge without doing the Texas Two-Step, he can join Shurmer and Bradford on the bench. The three of them can shine the balls and fill the gatorade cups for the other guys.


Fourth; Zim lays down the law before the game; any player committing a stupid penalty (like Joseph) can head to the locker room because he's done for the day. There will be a rule book in there for him to memorize.


Oh, and as long as I'm into wishful thinking; how about holding down the commercials to something under a couple hundred? Sunday's game I saw 50 commercials (and that may be a low estimate because I lost count) before the Queens ran 8 plays (counting two punts) before I realized the book I was reading during the commercials was far more entertaining than watching the game.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste.




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#3 Dynalee10



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Posted 19 December 2016 - 03:07 PM

DTD :    You sir get my vote for next GM position when we can Spielman . I agree 1000% on all counts  especially Audie Cole over I don't want to tackle Barr. The next pass short of the Yard to gain results in immediate benching of both the receiver and the QB . Also the next time 97 jumps offsides  he's done for the day and same goes for the false start  players .  We could shake this team up lol

#4 theBOMisthebomb


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Posted 19 December 2016 - 10:05 PM

1 out of 100 - crazier things have happened so these guys better fight to the bitter end.

#5 Joe Oberle

Joe Oberle

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Posted 21 December 2016 - 09:59 AM

DTD: Great post. Only one problem. You better get out your football spikes, because they are going to need you on the field. With these new "rules," there won't be anyone left to play the game.

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