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Article: Kluwe vs Vikings (Why Everybody Here Loses)

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#31 DocBauer


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Posted 18 August 2014 - 09:19 PM

Honestly, I'm loathe to comment here. And yet, feel absolutely compelled to. I'm loathe because I'm tired of the subject, because I'm afraid I will only repeat myself from an earlier thread that quickly disappeared on the same subject matter, and because I myself have suffered retribution for a "joke" begun, at my expense, innocent in intention, in which I received repercussions simply for playing along.

For arguement sake, I will repeat that I was a huge fan of Kluwe over the years, as were my boys, as we talked about his wit, his humor, and his convictions. We even laughed and marveled over his letter to the MD senator concerning personal censorship. And I was sorry to see him leave the Vikings after the drafting of Locke, which I knew was coming after the drafting of Walsh the year before.

With all that has transpired, I am no longer a fan of Kluwe, or anything about him.

To be sure, I'm not a fan of Preifer either. I don't care if what he said was a bad joke, or a joke born out of frustration while dealing with the opinionated Kluwe. So what if it was a bad joke? Honestly, really, any or all of you are going to tell me that you haven't made or laughed at a bad taste joke? Kluwe himself, and the reported "witnesses" have stated Priefer's comments were offered as a joke. My only problem is, you can't legislate or successfully argue taste, so why lie about it? That does bother me, but not nearly as much as Kluwe and his actions.

1) Pointed out which I never originally thought of, why wasn't any of this reported to the union? The union has been strangely silent. Are they also convicted homo-phoebes?

2) While still awaiting an appointment with the Vikings to discuss the findings within 48 hrs...you know, the findings of an arbitrary law firm who then had another law firm go over those findings...Kluwe and his attorney screamed from the rafters publicly about lawsuits and and Vikings unwillingness to release findings when it is now public record that Kluwe's own attorney requested the Vikings not release information.

3) I honestly don't care that Kluwe paraded around in pants with a cut out backside to make fun of Penn State and the entire Jerry Sandusky situation. I chalk it up to dark/black humor, regardless of your position on taste, something very human, and something I think we're all guilt of laughing at or making fun of at times. Again, it's human nature. But you instantly lose all moral high ground when you do something like this, and then call for the dismissal and career ruin of Preifer. Honestly Kluwe? The joke about nuking an island compared to the abuse of multiple children? You and Preifer both play stupid at first, then admit it. And I really don't want to get in some debate over taste or depth or anything like that...but...really? Priefer's career should be ruined but you're a victim?

4) The Vikings drafted a K and cut a multiple pro bowl kicker in Longwell. The following season they did the same with Locke and Kluwe. The Vikes cut Kluwe. The Raiders signed and ultimately cut Kluwe. Nobody has signed Kluwe. And we are to believe the Vikings have such far-reaching, league-wide power that they can permanately blackball Kluwe from having a job ever again in the NFL? Boy, it's a good thing Michael Vick, and a few others I could name, never played for the Vikings, or they might have ended up as beggars on the street.

I don't vindicate, or condem Preifer for his "jokes", born out of frustration or misinterpreted. And I don't condem Kluwe for his attempts at commentary or humor either. But I do condem, or at least chose to dismiss, Kluwe as a self-serving hypocrite with a self-serving agenda.

And really, I used to be a fan. Now? Call me disappointed.
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#32 jtkoupal



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Posted 18 August 2014 - 11:00 PM

Tremendous article, thank you. Personally, I'm not sure Kluwe cares that much about the locker room atmosphere. I think he's after a few bucks and, as you said, crying over sour grapes. If he cared about locker room atmosphere, he wouldn't have acted out a Sandusky rape scene. Let's look at this for what it really is, Kluwe angry to be cut and looking for a few dollars, and a little publicity to go along with it.

For what it's worth, I'd rather have Jeff Locke moving foreword than Kluwe anyway.

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